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Markdown Showcase

Note: Please view the source file for this webpage, otherwise you will never get the feeling that I have when I wrote this document.

Show how to use Markdown

This is a title, level 1

Next level title, level 2


  • Intro

    I am on the same line.

    I am on two

Can you figure out why?

Code blocks

public static void main(){
    System.out.printf("Hello Markdown!");

And a code inside text println("I love she"); Do you know who is she?

A code to display "`":

This is ` used to add in-text code blocks.

HTML codes


— is the decimal-encoded equivalent of —

For those who are tired of HTML escape mark

See this: &copy, isn't it simple. And another AT&T. Yeah!


(Actually I don't quite understand HTML, but it's fun!)

Let's construct some list:

  1. List one;
  2. Oops, a wrong but acceptable;
  3. Oh, this is cool.
  4. Wow, the Markdown interpreter is really intelligent.
  5. This may spoil me.
  6. Let's get back to the right way.
  7. Yes.(should be 7)
  8. Another list 1
  9. 2
  10. 3
    • Indent.
    • Let's have dinner.
      • More indent!
      • And mix things together. (This seems to failed)

      • System.out.print("Text");

1. I'm bit tired. 3. Yes.


Let me learn from the masters:

Quote: Keep It Simple Stupid -> K.I.S.S

And This: Learn from your failure

And: Look for the masters

See how to escape special characters: * A star! * Another star.


At last, Let's get some visual image.


A inline picture

Replace text if no picture

A referenced picture

Again, replace text: unsupported png

Picture With Link



I love Google:Google

Three types of links

  1. In-line: look above!
  2. Referenced:
    1. Text_1
    2. Text_1
    3. Text_3
    4. You will understand how I love Google when you clicked the above links.

Some Syntax of HTML

  • Use < br > to do "line feed"

Last but not least, Escape The Markers

*literal asterisks*

Markdown 支持以下这些符号前面加上反斜杠来帮助插入普通的符号:

    \   反斜线
    `   反引号
    *   星号
    _   底线
    {}  花括号
    []  方括号
    ()  括弧
    #   井字号
    +   加号
    -   减号
    .   英文句点
    !   惊叹号


Who has taught me:

  1. : wowubuntu
  2. Other Websites found via Google