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Markdown Tips

Markdown Tips

  • Using Markdown On Notepad++

    At first I want to using markdown inside Vim. However, the configuration and learning cost force me to turn to notepad++. After some search, found two plugins:

    1. ViSimulator - Make notepad++ vim-like. Provide some basic functions, enough for me. Available at Notepad++ Plugin Site as well as the built-in Plugin Manager.
    2. NppMarkdown - Preview markdown instantly inside notepad++. Good. Although the parsing engine doesn't recognize "#" as title mark. Alse, referenced link also not support. Pity. Available at Notepad++ Plugin Site.

    Installing is quite stright forward, guidance available at: Np++ Wiki - Plugin
    (Actually, a little guess would be enough to install plugins.)

  • Markup Language Translator

    A tool to translate between different markup languages: _Marksy (Also available as a Chrome Plugin)

  • On Chrome:

    A very good editor: Minimalist Markdown Editor on Chrome Apps store.