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Vim IDE Note (last update: 2013-03-08)

Vim IDE Note

Here's how I turned VIM into a modern IDE.


  • Overall
    • Plugin Management - Pathogen
  • Java Part
    • Java code completion - VJDE


Plugin Management - Pathogen

Download from github:

Extract to ~/.vim/autoload or %homepath%\vimfiles\autoload.

Edit vimrc, add following:

" For Pathogen Plugin manager
call pathogen#infect() " Infect so that pathogen auto-install all plugins
call pathogen#helptags() " Build up things inside 'doc' directory.

Then add plugins into bundle folder inside vimfiles. Pathogen will does everything else for you. Java Part

Java code completion - VJDE

Note: To make the bes to modern IDE like Eclipse, I strongly suggest you to try eclim, a great tool which embed vim directly into Eclipse.

Using Script: Vim JDE

Download and extract to into bundle folder inside default folder (e.g. ~/.vim under Linux) within a new vjde folder (so we can manage plugins better).

Then when editing Java files we can use to invode auto completion (vjde will find all possible methods/fields inside).