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Let's Begin the Journey of rsStructuredText

Section One - Title Explorer - L1

Will reports error when Line Wrapper Mismatch

L1.1 Text Decorationdddd

emphasis with italics

emphasis with <strong>

What is interpreted text?

It, said: The rendering and meaning of interpreted text is domain- or application-dependent. It can be used for things like index entries or explicit descriptive markup (like program identifiers).

inline literal

It said,Normally rendered as monospaced text. spaces should be preserved, but line breaks will not be.

L1.2 Linkss

reference: to

anonymous link

Learn about `Fold-in`, `Call-out` form Link.

Embedded Link: Google.

Internal Hyperlink Target.


Indirect Target:

Becareful about blanks

Some modifications made to above texts:

Embedded Link: Google <> _.